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Oriflame Products

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  josh o
Posted on Sat 12 Sep 2015

I ran into a friend who told me about THE Oriflame brand,the told me of the new ÀSCENDANT perfume ON board.I went ahead to get it due to the following reasons; it looked so manly and had this very amazing curvy shape.To me i was buying my normal everyday perfume till I received my order.The ORiflame Ascendant is truly one of a kind.The alleged black bottle did the trick now moving to the content and fragrance itself I truly was thrown off guard. It actually lacked the all manly thing I thought I was getting instead I was giving the treat of a classic fragrance. It has this very quite classy thing that makes one fall in love with it.I wish I could be more specific but words can not really do justice to how classy it truly is.If you desire to get one and truly be classy all day long you should call this number 09050255846 to contact an Oriflame agent.

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